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3rd RASR Workshop

2-4 November 2010, Sarajevo

This workshop maintained the development of a long-term, coordinated, regional approach to address the threats posed by excess, unstable, loosely secured or otherwise at-risk stockpiles of conventional weapons and munitions held by the governments of nations in South East Europe. In Sarajevo, the Participants were divided into Working Groups that surveyed the participating countries' munitions surplus identification methods and demilitarization capacities, and considered the various effects of accidental explosions at munitions depots. Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina were the subject of two case studies on how countries in the region and international organizations such as the OSCE, NATO, and UNDP can collaborate to more affordably, quickly, and safely confront dangerous and surplus stocks of arms and munitions. NATO's Ammunition Safety Group and the RACVIAC Center for Security Cooperation shared valuable information. Each Participant was provided with a Smalls Arms Survey Issue Brief, "South-east European Surplus Arms: State Policies and Practices" , which offers a concise, up-to-date analyisis of the shared challenges and valuable lessons already learned by these countries.