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Regional Approach to Stockpile Reduction

Aging, excess, and unstable stockpiles of conventional weapons and munitions pose dual threats of illicit proliferation and accidental explosion, which could cause humanitarian disasters and destabilize individual countries or regions as a whole.
RASR encourages affected governments to develop a pro-active, coordinated, regional approach to secure and destroy SA/LW, by building local capacity, sharing best practices and lessons learned, and pooling resources in order to maximize their efficiency. The ultimate aim of the RASR initiative is to prevent disastrous explosions or destabilizing diversions of conventional weapons and munitions.
Since 2017, RASR is being funded by the European Union through its Council Decision 2016/2356/CFSP adopted on 19 December 2016.
"SEDM Ministers reached a consensus regarding the threats of illicit proliferation and accidental explosion posed to the security of Southeastern European citizens, by the accumulation of obsolete and/or excess weapons, munitions and explosives, as well as their detrimental impact on defense readiness. Ministers expressed their understanding concerning the negative impact of the enduring existence of large amounts of small arms and light weapons on the security environment of the SEE region, as well as their will to work on coordinating the control and downsizing of small arms and light weapons in the region, in order to substantially reduce the risks stemming from uncontrolled transfers and use of armaments.In addition to that, SEDM Ministers reiterated the will to work together and render assistance to requesting member states to destroy excess national stocks of conventional weapons and munitions, to strengthen the implementation of national and international standards, as quickly and safely as possible, consistent with safe and secure disposal procedures, and to secure and manage the stockpiles that remain for legitimate national defense."
- Excerpt from the Joint Statement of the South Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM) Ministers of Defense Meeting, Tirana, Albania, 12 October 2010.